The Science Behind Toucan

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Inside the bird brainToucan is based on a scientific theory called language acquisition, which was developed by Dr. Stephen Krashen. Basically, Toucan helps you absorb a language as you go about your day, rather than through studying it.
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Stop memorizing. Start learning.
Because of this, we think of Toucan as language acquisition and the traditional classroom approach as language learning. Toucan’s approach is generally considered the more natural way to acquire a language.And it works because of three core ideas.
Toddlers got it rightBabies don’t study grammar. They learn language naturally from people talking to them using simple words. Over time, their brains notice patterns and figure out how to respond. Toucan uses a similar approach, but for people of all ages.
Read what you likeThe latest research shows that it’s easier to learn new languages when you’re reading things you choose, rather than something someone assigned to you. So Toucan works by inserting translations into the websites you choose to visit.
Stress hurts progressResearch also shows that you’re far more likely to acquire a new language in relaxed situations than in stressful ones. For example, you’re more likely to make progress while visiting your favorite website than studying for a Spanish midterm.
You can with ToucanSo, with Toucan, there are no big tests, no assigned readings, and no grades. Instead, all you have to do to become fluent in a new language is browse the web like normal.
Learn a new language the natural way