Toucan for Travelers

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Enjoy life as a localTraveling gets a whole lot easier when you speak the language of the place you’re visiting. It’s easier to get around, haggle over prices, and, of course, find the bathroom. And the more of the language you know, the more benefits there are!
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Ditch the tourists
Sometimes, the best part of visiting a new place means getting away from touristy things. But it’s hard to do that if you don’t speak the language. Fortunately, that’s where Toucan comes in.
Explore with confidenceWhether you’re visiting family or just looking for good food, Toucan teaches you the words and sentences you need. So you can stress less about getting around and focus more on enjoying yourself.
How Toucan worksEach time you visit a website, Toucan automatically translates certain words and phrases on the page into the language you’re trying to learn. That way, you can learn your new language within the context of one you already know.
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Practice makes permanentThe more you practice, the faster you learn. And everyone learns differently so, instead of quizzes, tests and grades, Toucan created a variety of features to give you fun micro-moments of learning throughout your day.
Take a ShortcutYou don’t have to know every word of a language to be able to speak it. Shortcuts teach you words and phrases for common situations, like ordering food at a restaurant or finding the bathroom.
Extra Practice is extra stickyToucan’s Extra Practice inserts mini practice sessions into Google, Twitter and Reddit. So you can master verb conjugations, grammar and sentence structure and make your new language stick.
The shortcut to learning a new language