How Toucan Works

Each time you visit a website, Toucan automatically translates certain words and phrases on the page into the language you’re trying to learn. That way, you can learn your new language within the context of one you already know.
Behind the bird brainToucan is based on a scientific theory called language acquisition, which was developed by Dr. Stephen Krashen. Basically, Toucan helps you absorb a language as you go about your day, rather than through studying it.
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Chunky languageAs you progress, Toucan will translate larger “lexical chunks,” which are words often used together. These chunks make it easier to learn how to string words together into complete sentences.
Sneaky learningOver time, your brain will start to naturally understand how to structure sentences, conjugate verbs and use proper grammar. It’s proven to be more effective than tests or flashcards. It’s a lot less stressful too.
Practice makes permanentThe more you practice, the faster you learn. And everyone learns differently so, instead of quizzes, tests and grades, Toucan created a variety of features to give you fun micro-moments of learning throughout your day.
Take a ShortcutYou don’t have to know every word of a language to be able to speak it. Shortcuts teach you words and phrases for common situations, like ordering food at a restaurant or finding the bathroom.
Extra Practice is extra stickyToucan’s Extra Practice inserts mini practice sessions into Google, Twitter and Reddit. So you can master verb conjugations, grammar and sentence structure and make your new language stick.
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