About Toucan

Toucan is a new, immersive way to learn a new language while going about your day. Learning a new language is challenging, fun, and rewarding. It also takes time, practice, and dedication. And let’s face it, finding a few minutes to study or do flashcards can feel impossible some days. So Toucan helps you learn a new language by immersing you in it while you browse the web. When you visit a webpage, Toucan quickly translates a set of words and phrases into the language you’re trying to learn. So you’ll increase your vocabulary by seeing translated words within the context of a language you already know. Learning a new skill is one of the most challenging things we can do. It’s also one of the most fun. Toucan uses experts in the science of habit formation, learning and human behavior to create the best possible environment for you to learn. We hope you enjoy using Toucan as much as we enjoy building it! The Toucan Team
Taylor Nieman
Co-Founder and CEO
Shaun Merritt
Co-Founder and CTO
Brandon Dietz
Co-Founder and CPO
Backed by science
Toucan is built using the latest science and research around learning new skills. Our approach has been proven to be just as (and sometimes more) effective as flash cards and other classic language learning exercises. We also supercharge your learning with science-based teaching techniques like spaced repetition and collocations.
Translated by experts
All of Toucan’s translations are handled by a team of experts including foreign language professors and grad students across the country. While Toucan isn’t perfect (yet), we're constantly improving the contextual accuracy of our translations through an artificial intelligence capability called “Natural Language Processing.”
Private and secure
Toucan cares deeply about your privacy and security. We encrypt your information with 128-bit AES encryption and don’t sell or allow access to your information by any third party.